I think I have unconventional approaches to solving problems. My methodical means of completing tasks, with a strong organizational structure, help me discern information in a simpler more efficient manner.

My background is in microbiology and cell science, but my enthusiasm lies in the field of bioinformatics. My intentions are to combine both branches of science to explore microorganisms’ gene functions and discover innovative technological, medical, and industrial applications stemming from these findings.

I aspire to be part of, and a future leader in, this upcoming era of unprecedented ingenuity, innovation, and discovery. I want to spearhead the bioinformatics field, a discipline that will be at the foremost edge of discovery and innovation in the twenty-first century, and will prove fundamental in research.


What do I see possible when coupling biological sciences and technology? Revolution.

This combination has the power of streamlining the process of gathering, and most importantly, understanding data. By utilizing the power of computer scripts, we can achieve unimaginable technological and medical breakthroughs gathered from biological data. More specifically, I see potential in microorganisms and their complex genes. The answers are in front of us. That’s why nature is my model.

Understanding how nature works is half the story however. For innovation we need an unconventional way of exploring possibilities and a visionary spirit that guides these groundbreaking, unexplored routes. Applying unique and precise computer methods to gather data, while understanding the biology behind it all, is a recipe for novel discoveries. However, the most valuable asset we can posses in research, is not the discovery of knowledge, but the ability to envision the applications it offers; such as in medicine, industry, and in the world overall. This is how we will make a positive change in the world.

The integration is critical. The potential, unimaginable. We are in an era of unprecedented amounts of information that must be decoded. I envision the discovery of new information, thanks to the development of novel bioinformatic tools, leading to innovate and revolutionary breakthroughs!